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2022 Year in Golf - Notes and Thoughts

Far as I can remember I played 8 new courses in 2022.

Highlights include:

  • Hanging out with Mike Young at The Fields. He brought us Subway subs at the turn and sat with us on the back patio after we finished. A day that had all you need and nothing you don't.

  • Gulph Mills - Special place. Old school as it gets. Northeast sophistication. Loved everything about it.

  • The Golf Club - This place just blew me away. Pete Dye masterpiece. 10/10 experience. As good as golf gets.

Other new courses for me were Independence, CC of VA, Double Eagle, Belmont, and Carolina GC.

After 24 consecutive years of competitive golf - I played in ZERO golf tournaments in 2022 (I did play the US Open qualifier, but a qualifier isn't a tournament) So my memories of competitive golf this year are all from the other side of the ropes (or TV screen)...

Noteworthy events:

  • I had Rahm winning two majors. He didn't contend in one. That surprised me.

  • The Fitzpatrick story is a good one. It's cool to see people who are obsessed with something, and dedicate their whole lives to it, be rewarded.

  • I've been buying Scheffler stock for 5 years, so his 2022 didn't surprise me at all. Good for him. Tesla down. Scottie up.

  • Rory not being able to find a spark on Sunday at St. Andrews. Yes, Cam Smith played great but this one and that Masters where he sniped it into the cabins on 10 will probably go down as Rory's two giant what could have beens.

  • LIV did LIV things - I'm more interested in how this new Tour schedule shakes out.

  • My brother Franco had a big year in Mid-Am golf, it was a blast following his success.

  • The US Am continues to be golf's most underrated event. Enjoyed following Dylan Menante (Team CapTech) run to the Semis. Bad beat on 17 against Bennett or he might be at Augusta in April. Such is the US Am.

Do I miss competitive golf? I don't. For 20 years I had that extra something, that thing you need to be a really good player. The simplest words I can find for it are guts, or nerve, or will to win. But my last couple of years I didn't have it. I'm thankful for the years I did have it - but professional golf without it is no good.

What I do miss is playing with really good players. I wasn't a tourist out there, but I used to love watching the guys I played with on Tour. How could you not? If you love golf, what's better than being 6 feet from the best players in the world? Seeing the incredible shots they hit, the way they get it in the hole, the guts/nerve/will to win they have. I still get to play on amazing courses, with great friends and interesting people, but I miss playing with the killers.

I look forward to seeing where the game takes me in 2023 and beyond. My role at CapTech, Castro Golf, and doing the Course Record Show podcast have greatly expanded my perspective on the game, and the myriad of ways it reaches people. Technology, business, charity, youth development...the list goes on and on.

Wishing everyone a great 2023, on and off the course.


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